Prime Locksmith Solutions

Prime Locksmith Solutions lock and key experts are always very close by whenever you need our urgent service. This means you don’t have to wait long before our emergency locksmith response team gets to you. We are a proud company who are diligent and committed to ensuring only the best services are provided. Feel free to contact us when you need a residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith service.

Residential Locksmith Services

Prime Locksmith Solutions is fully certified, insured and experienced in providing high-quality locksmith services to residential clients in Scarborough, Toronto and nearby areas. We have an excellent reputation for our lock installation, rekey, high-security systems, repair and key replacement services. We help homeowners, apartment renters, and landlords to maximize their security for all of their lock and key needs and keep it within their budget. If you are looking for a local locksmith company in Scarborough, you can rely on us. We provide residential locksmith services as well as emergency home lockout assistance for the times you need us most!

Prompt Affordable Residential Services

Prime Locksmith Solutions offers the fastest, most affordable locksmiths for your home or residence. Here is a list of our most requested services for your house:

    • Access Control Systems
    • Door Hardware and Installation
    • Emergency Residential Locksmiths
    • Electronic Locks Installed and Maintained
    • High-Security Locks
    • Home Lockouts
    • Key Control Systems
    • Keys Made/ Duplicated
    • Locks Changed
    • Locks Re-Keyed
    • Broken Locks Repaired
    • Locksmith Services
    • High-Security Door Locks
    • Mailbox Lock Repairs And Replacements
    • Lock Installation

Locked out of your home?

Have you forgotten your keys inside your house or lost them somewhere and now you’re stuck outside your door? Whatever the problem may be, you may not be sure who to call or what to do. Remember that we can help you solve the problem. We are one short phone call away, and no matter what time you call, you will always end with a local real person who is interested in your safety and well-being.

Are your locks old?

You’ve worked an 8-hour day and picked up the kids from soccer on your way home, now all you need to do is rush in order to let the dog out.  You pull up into the driveway, run up the to your door, and spend 5 minutes trying to get the lock to open. Doors are meant to open and welcome you home, not keep you out! Replacing the locks can help avoid these inconveniences that you simply don’t need! Call us today and we can send one of our nearby locksmith technicians to replace your locks.

A Break Up

Break up is not an easy thing even though you might not think about it first but you should make sure that getting your locks replaced is one of the first things you do. No matter how smooth or messy the break-up was, at some point in time there was some degree of trust lost with your significant other. Even if it seems to be an unnecessary precaution at the beginning, it’s a good idea to call a locksmith and replace the locks for your own Peace of mind. New locks make your space yours again and give you a chance to start new.

Lost your keys?

It happened to all of us, after a night out, a busy day of running errands, or just an average day just like any other. Somehow, somewhere your keys grew legs and walked away. Sure, you can go home to your partner, make a copy of that key, and carry on as if it didn’t happen. But until you change the locks on your door, you’ll be living every day knowing that some stranger has access to your home. Changing the locks is an important step process in helping you avoid that headache.

New Apartment

We would like to think that all landlords follow the protocol of picking up old tenants’ keys’ upon transfer of ownership, there is, unfortunately, no way to guarantee that this is the case.  Additionally, even if your trustworthy landlord makes that guarantee, there’s no way to be sure that the previous tenants hadn’t made a copy of the house key themselves in case of emergencies, or in case they felt the need to borrow some of the new furniture coming into their old apartment. 

Our Customer Reviews

Brandon Kelly

The locksmith came with an estimated time. Mark was prompt and very polite. The price was fair according to the task. Satisfied with his effort!

Nicholas White

Just in 15 minutes, the tech arrived and released the lock quickly. Haha, what a professional locksmith he is! Very happy with his service! 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻

John Turner

A professional locksmith with superb work, reasonable price, and timely manner. Very impressed with his effort! Thoroughly recommended!!!

Jose Adams

The technicians came out when they said. Repaired and installed lock without any damage. The cost was reasonable. Would use them again in the future.